cPanel is an amazing tool that allows you to control your part of the web server. Among other things, cPanel allows you to:

  • Easily add and remove email accounts
  • See your site statistics, so you know who visited you, what they looked at and how they found you.
  • Add secondary domains and sub domains (so if you are, and you own, you can have them both go to your site. If you are building extra tools, you could have (depending on your account))
  • Add a spam filter to reduce the spam mail you receive
  • Create new users who can access your site to work on it.
  • Access to database tools to help you manage your dynamic content
  • Free use Softaculous to add all sorts of wonderful programs to your site!
  • Web site optimization - have your site compressed to travel faster to your visitors.

This hardly scratches the surface of what cPanel can do for you. However, you are very busy running your business, and we know that - we can manage all of this for you, so if you need changes, all you have to do is call us. With regular emails giving ideas on site improvement, and additions to make, you will wonder how anyone manages without the Smart4 team giving their website the freedom it needs to thrive.

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