Concrete5 is probably the best CMS available at this time. A CMS is a Content Management System. Simply. it allows you to manage the content of your site - adding, editing and deleting pages, adding text, images, maps, videos, and much more. This site was built with Concrete5, but what other ones are? At the moment, over half a million sites are managed by Concrete5, some of which are showcased on the left (they are not our work - those showcase the respect and reach Concrete5 has, we are happy to supply examples that showcase our work contact us for details).

Smart4 has a great relationship with Concrete5 - at the time of writing,a quote from John Smart is on the front page of the Concrete5 website.

Why do you want a Concrete5 site?
Simply, it gives you total freedom with managing your site. You can easily add a simple page, a complex form, embed a video, add a Google map, add a slide show or picture gallery. And you can do it all in house, you don't need to call, or more importantly pay because you are opening another location, or changing your hours of operation.

What about Search Engines?
I am glad you asked. We build all our sites to Google's Best Practices. This document is the starting point, of course there is much more to it, that we have learned and perfected over our years in the business. Concrete5 allows, and encourages what you need to dominate the organic search results.

Mobile friendly?
Most of us are familiar with the term "Mobilegeddon". Google stated this on April 1, 2015. They said that mobile friendly sites are the future. If your site is not mobile friendly, then it will not do so well in their results. And your competitors, who are mobile friendly will easily overtake you.

Usually, the work we do in Concrete5 is "responsive" meaning that the page will rebuild appropriately to different sized screens. However, sometimes that is not a viable solution. Again, Concrete5 has the answer - it will allow you to run two web sites, a mobile one and a desktop one, and it will send the traffic to the appropriate page.

Concrete5 is more than mobile friendly, its visitor friendly, and its manager friendly - adding and editing content could not be easier! Contact us today so we can set you up a no obligation test install to play with, and feel free to read our Concrete5 online support. Of course we are available for questions, but our how-to is very detailed.

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