Dynamic Database Driven Websites


Once a website grows beyond a few pages, and let’s face it - your site SHOULD ideally grow daily with unique relevant information to your industry if you want to be known as an expert - you’ll want ways in which to regularly attract visitors and keep them coming back.

Our easy to use self-edit web applications are a fantastic low-cost way to grow your site into a very valuable resource! For WAY less than the cost of Do-It-Yourself website building software, and WAY easier to use than Wordpress, you can have a high-end style dynamically driven website with all the bells & whistles!

Most of our dynamic sites are built using Concrete5 CMS. The platform is extremely flexible, and we can create custom add-ons as needed.

If your site requires special programming and needs a tool beyond the scope of Concrete5, we can build anything from the ground up using PHP, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery and other technologies.


Dynamlc sites can include any or all of these features and so much more:

  • Online Directories
  • Rotating testimonials, tips, quotes, day in history, etc.
  • Calendar or appointment system
  • Dynamic FAQ
  • Dynamically Built Sitemap
  • Contact Forms
  • Member directiry and pages that can be managed by each member
  • e-Commerce systems of any size
  • Social Media Integration - Comments, login, etc.
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