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Websites used to be static pages just like standard printed documents, but viewable through a web browser. Today's websites must be dynamic, ever changing and easy for a site owner to manage on their own without the need of a webmaster. This site was built with Concrete5, the best open source CMS we've use din over 15 years of web development! And we would know, we were so disappointed with all the others that we built our own. When we found Concrete5, we stopped developing our Self-edit system because this one is by far better than anything we've ever used. And if it doesn't do what we need it to do, we can easily program add-on modules to expand to your exact needs.


Concrete5 allows your site to grow dynamically very easily without having to restructure the site, the menus, search tools, etc. As you can see from our own site, drop down menus are easy to navigate, the front page has a wonderful slideshow, and it's all optimized for search engines according to Google Best Practices!

Many website owners have used WordPress in the past to be able to edit their own sites, yet do not see the need for a blog. And they find that WordPress is very cumbersome to navigate and manage as a standard website. If you are finding it challenging to manage your WordPress site, call us today to switch to Concrete5 and you will love the simplicity and easy-to-use features! We can even use the same design if you want to keep your site look.

You need this Content Management System if you:

  • find WordPress difficult or confusing to use
  • have a growing site
  • have a site that needs regular updates
  • have a lot of information to share
  • want to be able to get your site updated without paying a development team
  • need your development team to be able to complete updates much faster
  • would like to easily be able to plug in tools for the latest new online resources (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
Concrete5 is a great Content Management Solution, and at Smart4 we can use your existing site look with it or create a whole new look for you. Contact Smart4 today and lets get your new, exciting website launched!
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