Why Web Applications?


Think of a standard web site as a piece of paper, stored electronically on the Internet. A standard website doesn’t really do anything besides store your text for people to read.

On the other hand, web applications take your information from dynamic databases and allow you to edit your own site content easily, share rich content like videos, rotate testimonials, slideshows, etc. and can entertain and draw visitors into staying on your site and looking deeper into it.

Web applications mean that no one needs to download or install software on their computer. Both your back-end admin panel AND all the stuff your visitors see and do all works right there in the web browser.

Check out the menu of web apps on the left and the add-ons list below that interest you. We have created many that we can use for you instantly or custom create a web application to meet your specific needs.

  • Slideshows of your images, products, etc.
  • Interactive calendars & appointment managers
  • Dynamic text boxes including rotating testimonials, quotes, etc.
  • Social Plug-ins - comment boxes on pages, twitter feeds, etc.
  • Member directories with individual page management for members
  • Private password protected areas of your site
  • Ecommerce and payment system integration
  • Data collection (forms) and output display (charts, graphs, tables, etc.)
  • Custom code for ANY situation you can imagine!
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