Social Media Management Plans

Why Smart4? We have worked with an extensive variety of businesses from large international corporations to small independent business owners in the Internet Marketing industry for over 25 years! We know social networking from as far back as online bulletin board systems in the 1980’s! No, social media is not a new fad, it’s the backbone of the Internet from its beginning, and we know how to optimize your presence.

Budget Social Media Management Plan

Basic Setup:
Each social site requires different sizes for cover photos. We optimize each one to the sizes allowed. Facebook, Twitter & Google+ - Basic photo cover image creation and logos for profile photos on each site. Depending on your needs, we may suggest utilizing other social sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, or others.
One-time setup cost for Basic Plan $150

Basic monthly posting plan:

  • Create a monthly plan, broken into weekly plan and daily posts (approx. 2 hours per month)
  • Monitoring news sources and social channels for brand mentions and industry related information for sharing
  • Consider & implement regular deals to offer customers for maintenance services
  • Posts – up to 20 per week, 3 per day, all pre-planned and pre-approved by you prior to scheduling.
  • Monitor and forward questions or comments that need attention. We post on your behalf
  • Formulate a plan for how to respond to everyday comments in YOUR voice – We learn how to reflect your personality
Above approx. 1 hour per week posting, plus 2 hours per month for Monthly/weekly planning = 6 hours
Monthly social media management cost for basic plan $ 210 (approx. $35 per hour)

Preferred Social Media Management Plan

Preferred Setup:
Advanced photo cover image creation and logos for profile photos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Profile & Google+ (more detailed than basic setup cover photos)
One-time setup cost for Preferred Plan $250

Preferred monthly posting, interacting, and building plan:

  • Same as above PLUS - Audience building RELEVANT, local followers* – every week we help you grow your audience on twitter and other social sites. (Facebook not included – to build Facebook followers, we suggest Facebook ads – see below)
  • Following and interacting with other Facebook pages, twitter accounts, Google+ pages, and/or Pinterest accounts to build your exposure and gain more followers
  • Creating and building followers using your own and related twitter hashtags

Above approx. 2 hours per week posting, plus 2 hours per month for Monthly/weekly planning = 10 hours
Monthly social media management cost for preferred plan $ 295 (approx. $29.50 per hour)

*Although some results are instant, you can expect real benefits to take up to 3 months to build a solid, responsive audience. Also, to help build your following faster, we can help with Facebook ads that are exactly targeted to your business for $50 per ad, plus the cost to Facebook for ad credits. Most of our clients see excellent results with $25 - $100 per month for ads.

One-Time Self-Managed Plan

If you’re on a budget and wish to manage your day-to-day social media on your own, we have just what you need! We will provide a customized, actionable plan that will be your roadmap to the top three social media sites for your needs. From our master plan, you can easily build a weekly and daily posting plan, and build your audience. All you need is a time commitment to implement it. (What takes us 6 hours per month may take you longer – expect 5 – 10 hours per week to achieve comparable results)
One-time cost for Self-Managed Plan $295

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