socialmarketing.jpgAs a savvy business person, you are likely aware of how vital social media is to your marketing efforts. Recent studies have shown that many small businesses have Facebook pages, but at the same time, most do not know what to do once they have created their page.

Typically, an employee may be put in charge of managing the page, but little to no work goes in to building followers, consistently posting messages in line with core company beliefs, and quickly responding to brand mentions or followers comments.

There are also large audiences waiting for your information on other major social sites besides Facebook.

Primary social sites we recommend:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube

Our areas of focus on the above social sites:

  • social.jpgEngaging audience in quality, interesting conversations
  • Building audiences of new and loyal customers
  • Creating monthly, weekly and daily posting plans using quality content
  • High quality photos and videos for social marketing
  • Creating compelling website content for social sharing
  • Monitoring outlets for related industry news
  • Monitoring social channels for brand and industry mentions
  • Interacting with vendors, other local businesses, and industry contemporaries
  • Informing, updating, and adding value to products and services
  • Training in all of the above

Follow the links on the left for more information of each of our social marketing areas of expertise.

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