Truth about unlimited data/bandwidth

Many hosts offer unlimited bandwidth. At Smart4 we know that unlimited bandwidth is a red flag, often meaning corner cutting.

But what does it really mean? Suppose you live in a city, and there is a 3 lane freeway coming into it. Assume that vehicles are data. This freeway offers unlimited bandwidth into the city - there is no limit, cars do not get turned away.

But at busy times those three lanes are full and the traffic slows. And slows. And stops.

It will start again, slowly at first until the congestion clears, then faster and faster.

The claim of unlimited is a lie! It's not unlimited, its "all that is available" - some of the time this will be plenty, but there will be times when it is lacking.

By offering you tiered bandwidth, you never need worry about congestion. We make sure that your site is always getting the traffic it needs. No congestion. No delays.

Those delays are awful for a site. Google will lower your ranking for a slow response - but worse than that, suppose a new client goes to your site, ready to sign up or spend money. And they wait. Then they click to the search engine, and find your competitor - who is not on unlimited bandwidth, but is on controlled bandwidth. The site flies in, the client is happy. And you just lost a sale.

So host with Smart4 - get the promise of sustainable speed and bandwidth, not the lies of unlimited.
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