Google wants to see your workings 10.28.2015

Google is now wanting to see your workings. For the longest time, as an SEO activity, we would block search engines from seeing JavaScript and CSS files. But that has changed.

Misdirection - CSS can be used to take information, adverts, that are below the fold and under the sites content, to show it as being above. Google does not like to send traffic to sites that are "spammy" so it wants to look at your CSS to see what is really going on.

Mobile Friendly - Google needs to look at these files in part to measure how mobile friendly the site is. If it cannot access the files, it cannot see how it behaves at different sizes. It is worth remembering that Google does not look at pages in the way we do, it reads the code to work out how it would render on a screen.

WordPress and Concrete5
WordPress installs blocking key JavaScript and CSS files. Earlier versions of Concrete5 do the same. Edit your robots.txt to allow access, In WordPress, newer Concrete5 and some other platforms this is not as easy as you may think - there is not robots.txt file, its a virtual file.

You can find help online to fix this on your platform, or if you host with Smart4, just send us an e-Mail, and we will take care of it for you.

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