Mobile Website Development


Smartphones now outnumber desktop computers. A recent report said that there were four web connected smart phones for every desktop computer. Many market segments are using their mobile device more often to search and browse.

This brings us to your website. You may have looked at your website and assumed it looks okay on your smart phone. But, do you have to scroll, pinch, flick and zoom to get to your content? Is it a challenge to find your address, phone number, or other contact details?

With a mobile version of your website, visitors can QUICKLY go directly to what they want without having to zoom at all. Quick call and navigation buttons should be on the initial screen.

To make your site mobile friendly, and to appease Google, these are your options:

1. Responsive Site Design

  • Site rebuilds to fit appropriately on different size devices
  • Same content on all devices, no need to manage multiple versions
  • Perfectly search engine friendly

2. Mobile Version of Site

  • Targeted content for mobile users
  • More freedom on build of desktop site
  • Two separate sites, so twice the management.

3. Mobile App

  • App can be downloaded to mobile devices
  • Is viewed as "cheating" in some cases, and Google is expected to lower rank position if a plug-in app is applied
  • Needs to have an Android, iOS and Microsoft version
  • An app should only be used if it is a specialized app that does something more than a web page alone can do.
  • Requires future development as mobile operating systems evolve

For most businesses the responsive design is the best solution. What will be best for your business? Call us today to find out.

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