What is "Green Hosting"?

Smart4 is a Green company offering Green hosting. What exactly does that mean?

  • Our servers are low energy servers, in a very well maintained green data-center
  • Our Servers, the switches and other networking equipment is all wind-powered
  • We never send printed invoices, quotes or sales material - we send everything we can electronically
  • Usually we print on a maximum of five sheets of paper a month - and we are working to reduce that
  • For every Kwh of energy we use in our data center, we purchase 2 Kwh hours of wind powered energy.
  • All our office lights are LED lights
  • All our computers (other than servers) run in low energy mode.

It would be a wonderful place if all companies worked to be as green as they can, but it takes time and work. By hosting with us you are being green, if this is the 1st green thing yo do, or if you are already as green as could be, we are happy to be helping you.

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